Jul 19, 2016 · Never Let A Good Tragedy Go to Waste. In reaction to the senseless murder of three Baton Rouge police officers and the wounding of 3 more, President Obama said the following: And that is why it is so important that everyone–regardless of race or political party or profession, regardless of what organizations you are part of–everyone right .... "/>

2016. 6. 27. · Never Let a Tragedy Go to Waste. By. John Frary. on. June 27, 2016. 0 comments. As Krysta Lilly has already pointed out in a Lewiston Sun Journal column, Michael Bloomberg has already spent over $3,000,000 to promote a citizen’s initiative designed to disarm Mainers. It has been assumed for some time that he aims to spend $5,000,000 altogether. Dec 12, 2021 · To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel, never let a good tragedy go to waste. Take the storms that ripped through a number of states and killed dozens of people late Friday and early Saturday night. According to CNN, officials believe the death toll could top 80, with Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear saying over 70 could have been killed in his state alone..

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